Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Fe

I took a trip to Santa Fe, NM last month with my high school art students, while there we took a tour of Canyon Road and all of the great galleries. I was wearing one of my necklaces when I went into Mesa House Contemporary Gallery,the owner of the gallery commented on it and before I knew it I had sold her the necklace right off my neck. We started talking and came to a consignment agreement. My jewelry is now selling in Santa Fe,, NM on Canyon Road.

My jewelry was also picked up at another shop here in town. I hope these two new ventures have a positive out come, God knows I've been working non-stop the last two weeks trying to meet orders and providing inventory for the shops where my jewelry already sells.
With all of this work I havn't given my book (I'm writing a family history book) much time. Hopefully once things get settled I will return to writing my book. I'm also interested in writing a book geared towards art teachers. That idea is still in the works.I was told by a friend of mine last week that she was looking through a jewelry magazine and noticed some necklaces that resembled mine. Hmmm, I will be looking for this magazine to make my own assessment. Time for a good book and a hot glass of tea before bed, good night all.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays

Sorry I havn't posted lately, as you know, this is our busiest time of the year and I am busy filling orders and stocking up inventory in the five shops that carry my jewelry. I've had to deactivate my Etsy listings for now just to keep up with the shops here at home. Hopefully I will be able to stock up quickly after the holidays.
Happy Holidays to everyone!