Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes, when my students are busily at work, I find that I have to quench my creative thirst.  Since my students have been working on printmaking, I decided to create a few pieces for myself.  I was inspired to create these prints based on the pan dulce that was waiting for me at home.  I love pan dulce, it is the best, especially with a hot cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning, mmmmmm, is it Sunday yet?

The first print is done on a white sheet of paper, the second on a piece of fabric.  I am going to be participating in an exhibit and I do believe I will show one of these. 

Hope your week is going well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Piece

I spent the afternoon with my fractured foot propped up, in front of my work bench and came up with this beauty.  How did I fracture my foot?  Well...I dropped a weight right on it:(  The fracture is not that bad, all it got me was one day off of work, I'll be back to work tomorrow.  It felt good to sleep in and get some much needed rest, though.  After I had lunch, I decided to make my way to my downstairs studio. 
I made the pendant and beads out of polymer clay.  I really like the colors I used, they remind me of spring.  I just need to place the crimp covers on and it is all done. 
I felt inspired to create a few more, but the pain killers were slowly leaving my system and I thought it wiser to climb back into bed.
On another note, I am going to take an online course in a few weeks.  I'm soooo excited about it and looking forward to learning something new.  Deryn Mentock from Something Sublime is offering this class.  You can register for her class at http://somethingsublime.typepad.com/jewelry_works/the-art-of-closure.html

Stop by her blog to see some beautiful jewelry pieces. 
-Until next time.