Monday, February 14, 2011

It's My Wedding Anniversary Today

It's my wedding anniversary today. I received these beautiful flowers from my husband, they were brought into my classroom in the morning. My poor love gets hit with a double whamy. My birthday was two weeks ago and he never fails to send me flowers for both occasions.
I hope you are spending your day with a special someone, friends, family. It's a shame we don't celebrate love more often, God knows we need it.
I am still working with polymer clay and continue to learn. I am sooo loving the process, I feel as though I have so much catching up to do. As soon as I have more new stuff I will post the pics.
Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Happy Aniversary, Nena! My daughter is getting married this evening. It's pretty special to get married on Valentines Day.

  2. Thank you and congratulations to your daughter. One thing for sure, he will never forget their anniversary.

  3. Happy anniversay and many more! Love is grand!

    Thank you for your visit and your sweet comment! Your work is beautiful!