Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rio Grande Winter Workshop

I took Rio Grande's Winter Workshop this past week in Albuquerque, NM.  I took the PMC+ pendant class and it was an amazing experience.  I learned so many new techniques, met some wonderful artists and I am more inspired than ever.
We worked for two days on creating frame pendants for our images and created a "branch" to hang them from.  We used a kiln to fire our pieces, but did get a demo on how to torch fire the material.
I am pleased of my results and I can't wait to experiment on some new designs.
I believe I can incorporate this material with materials I work with now, hopefully, this will take me into new territory.
I also managed to buy a few things from their warehouse; such an amazing place.  I was lucky enough to take a tour of their business, it is such a modern facility with modern technology in place.  Now I know how my order and materials are processed.
I can't wait to get into my studio, I'm so excited of the new possibilities.
Till next time...

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