Monday, August 17, 2009

How do you generate traffic?

I opened my shop once again at etsy. So far not much traffic, no difference from when I first had my shop. How does one generate traffic? I also opened a shop at Made it Myself and am having more traffic. No sales at either shop.

I do have my sales here at home which allows me to keep making my jewelry, I suppose the fact that I can personalize my work when I take custom orders adds to the sales here at home.

I also heard about Silk Fair, I havn't joined and am wondering if I should.

Today is also my last day off before I return to inservice, another summer flew by. I didn't accomplish everything I had intended, but did do quite a bit.

I have included a picture of my latest creation. It has the word "mommy" inside.


  1. I generate traffic by posting my new listings on my facebook page. And it helps to twitter each listing as well. Gets your views up anyway. Try submitting your work to contests like the Art Beads Scene challenge at the Or open up a flickr account. Good luck, I hope it picks up for you soon. Lovely jewelry!