Saturday, September 5, 2009


I created this necklace with young grandmothers in mind.
It's young and contemporary looking
and would make a
great gift for a hip grandma. I'm still having trouble with
lighting when I photograph my pieces. I don't do my pieces justice. I have tried spot lights, outside lights, printed fabrics and white backgrounds and am still not
How do you photograph your jewelry?


  1. I'm a young hip grandma and I'd sure like it someone bought this necklace for me!!

  2. Very pretty and hip! Have you tried full spectrum lights? I've seen them for sale at craft stores before. Or a lightbox? I've never built one, but I've seen jewelry on velvet inside a lightbox, and it seems to work. Good luck, and have you checked the Etsy forums for tips about photos? There always seems to be info floating around in there.

  3. This will be a great piece for Christmas! I use a light box for some photos on white or neutral background. The other designs I've tried have been too distracting to me. For lampwork creations I usually try outside lighting because it gives the bead more depth. Hope this helps! You really do have great creations!