Thursday, September 24, 2009


My batik "The Nopal" was featured in an exhibit here in town. Some of you might recognize the image as "El Nopal" from the Mexican game "Loteria". This image represents my family tree. The reason behind chainging the spanish word "El" to the english word "The" represents the fact that I am an American. "Nopal" represents my culture as does the image. I am proud of my heritage and even prouder of the many traditions my family has, including playing "Loteria" in the winter time with hot "Chocolate Abuelita" in our mugs.

I have to say that I do not look very good in this picture, Idon't know what is going on with my eye! Apart from the bad pic, I enjoyed myself very much at the opening.


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  2. You look lovely in the picture! :) GREAT painting, and I love what you wrote too! Hugs, Paulette