Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is my latest necklace called "love" Actually, I created this piece some time ago but had put it away and forgotten about it. I finally cleaned my studio and out it appeared. I have also begun to use my new mannequin form for my photos. I'm hoping my new images will make a difference in my etsy shop.

I start teaching summer school on Monday and will teach for two weeks. Summer school marks the count down for the beginning of school. A few more weeks and back to work.

One of my co-workers has accepted a job at another school and I was notified that her position was not going to be filled. I am going to be left with a male co-worker that is not always very pleasant to work with. My theme for ths year: changes. I have to accept change and do my best to work with these changes. I will be praying extra hard these next few weeks.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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