Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At the ballpark

I spent last Sunday at the ballpark with my husband and my youngest son.  It was such a nice, relaxing night just sitting there and letting the hours slowly pass us by.  I was actually sorry to leave because I knew once we left it was back to work for us.  Even though I am on summer vacations it seems there is more to do at home.  I also don't know why, but the days just fly by when I'm at home.
I have a jewelry show this weekend, wish me luck.  I am also still struggling with blogger, I can't comment on blogs and I can't stay signed in.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this issue will correct itself.


  1. A ball game is a great way to relax and get fresh air! Good luck with the jewelry show.

    I had the same Blogger problem. When checking the help section I read a suggestion of unchecking the "stay signed in" box when signing in. Sounds strange but that fixed the problem. I still have to uncheck the box everytime I log in though! ~Val

  2. YAY!!! You were right, Miss Val, it worked! Thank you