Monday, November 28, 2011

moon series

I don't know why I like creating "series" of pieces, but I do.  The name "moon series" came to mind for my new jewelry pieces.  Although I'm not really sure it fits my new pieces I did enjoy making them and have a few more coming soon.  I imprinted some words on the back, but forgot to take a picture of them. 
I participated in a new venture this past weekend.  The city of El Paso now has an artist market down town.  It was long over due and I sure am glad I have another outlet for my work.  I sold out of my jewelry two weeks ago in Galveston and so I am frantically trying to make more pieces.  Very difficult to do when I have a full time job, am the director for our city UIL visual art event and am the founder of a female artist group.  Whew!  I need more hours in the day.
This is why I love creating art and making my jewelry, it is my therapy, my saving grace.  Along with my kids, of course.
Hope your week is going well.

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