Sunday, December 4, 2011

I created these pieces just yesterday in preparation for a private party where several artists were invited to show their work.  We had a wonderful time, until the temperature started to dip that is.  My husband came along and helped me to pass the time while we watched the festivities go on around us. 
I always enjoy meeting new people and what I enjoyed more was meeting people that have bought my work at one of the shops where my work is sold. 

Now it is back to the studio, I am still trying to replenish all of the pieces I sold a couple of weeks ago in Galveston.  I have two more shows coming up and we are still selling at the El Paso Artist Market.  The market is a bit slow going, the temperature does not help.  Starting the market in the winter time is not an easy task.  There have been weekends when their is great attendance and then we have a weekend like this one.  Very low attendance.  Still met some great people and my work is always well received. 

Til next time!

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