Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodbye MJ

As I was watching MJ's memorial service my 11 year old son asked why his memorial service was such a huge event, especially after all the allegations he had faced. It is unfortunate that my son's main recollection of MJ is of the singer's latter part of his life. I explained to my son that many people remember MJ for his music, dancing and performances prior to the turbulent times in his life. I remember dancing to his music in my middle school dances and waiting to see the "Thriller" video on MTV. I also remember trying to moonwalk after seeing MJ do it on TV. I'm proud to say that I was able to do it! To this day I do the moonwalk for my students on the last day of school, to their utter amazement! Did he do those things he was accused of? I don't know, I will never understand why he made some of his personal decisions, but who am I to judge? I will never know what it is like to live such a solitary life, not being able to live freely, to walk into a store without being followed. When I started working in my neighborhood high school things changed in my life. I could no longer go to the store without make up or dressed appropriately, God forbid a student or a parent recognize me! My students are now my neighbors, it's a strange feeling. I could only imagine MJ felt this a million times over. I choose to remember the entertainer that gave me music to dance to, the moonwalk and songs that evoke memories. May you rest in peace MJ.

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  1. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too remember MJ when there was not so much stigma and questions. He made great music. And that's what I like to remember.