Sunday, November 22, 2009

I spend so much of my time trying to take better pictures, all to no avail. I have now relinquished the task to my husband. Hopefully he will have better luck than me and I also hope to have more free time to do some jewelry making instead of fussing with the camera. These pictures are his first attempts.
This is "La Sirena" from the Mexican game Loteria! She is the most popular image from the Loteria game. I will be posting her to etsy soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out in blogland!


  1. I agree, taking photos just isn't my thing. My least favorite part of listing on Etsy. The photos you have above look fine. Taking photos near a window with natural light seems to work.

  2. these are great! regarding the photos, i use a macro lens. it's the only way to get good clear close up photos of my work.