Sunday, January 10, 2010

Word for the New Year

The art swap for my art group (UVAS) this month was to create a work of art that incorporated a word that symbolizes the new year. The paintings that were revealed were amazing. I ended up with a wonderful piece and I hope the receiver of my piece appreciated mine. If you would like to see everyone's pieces you can do so by going through the link on the right.

The word that I chose was "horizon". I was sitting on a bus with several art teachers and art students on route to Santa Fe. I was admiring the desert landscape and the word just came to me. Horizon. I just have to keep looking towards the horizon. In our lives we try so hard to keep going forward but life has a way of throwing curve balls your way. Unfortunately, I have started the new year on a sour note. It's the first time I have begun a year feeling so down. The things happening to me are mostly out of my control. My mom is having surgery next week, a colleague took his life, a person I admire very much lost her battle to cancer. Two memorial services on the same day. I didn't go to either one of them, I just couldn't. To make matters worse, my job, along with the job of all of my colleagues, is in danger thanks to the TAKS tests. One of our sub groups at our school is not meeting state standards in math and the school may have to be restructured. My money is gone as soon as I get it...the list goes on and on.

I must keep looking towards the horizon. What will be, will be. It is also fitting that the word that I received was "change". That is what I feel like, I am going through change. Unwanted change, but change none the less.

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