Sunday, February 28, 2010

$28,000 scholarship!

I had a hard time deciding what to title this post. I have had an extremely busy few weeks with many things going on. The biggest news this week is that one of my students received a $28,000 scholarship to go to art school in California. This happened on Friday, and even though I've been fighting a bad cold, I was on a cloud! Then my students competed in several competitions and they all came out winners! Four of my students will be traveling to Houston to compete in state. I wish I could post their art work, it is absolutely beautiful, but I have already turned them over. My kids are amazing! I am going to give them a little party tomorrow, I think they deserve it.
Also the UVAs exhibit is coming up. It is this Saturday and I still haven't finished my jewelry!!! I will be working late everyday this week and hopefully I can get everything done, including any last minute things that come up.
In case you are wondering those are our bra purses on our invitations.

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  1. Such good news. Proves that you're a real good teacher ;)