Monday, July 11, 2011


I finally finished my painting, God knows it took me long enough.  This painting was inspired by a Tigua Eagle Dancer that I saw a few years ago.  I have worked on this painting on and off for the past two years, even though I was inspired by the dancer I lost interest in the painting.  What I should have done is to have allowed my inner muse turn it into something that would have inspired me to work.  I was too caught up in capturing the Eagle Dancer, but I didn't let the "spirit" on the dancer find its way into me.
I am glad I finished it, my son quickly claimed it as his.  Now I will have more free time to create some new jewelry pieces that have been swimming in my head. 
Taking time off to finish my painting did allow me time to take stock of my jewelry business.  I don't know about you, but I sometimes suffer through times of self doubt.  These times completely rob me of my energy and make me question the direction I'm taking with my small jewelry business.
These are the things I wonder about:
  • How much inventory should I have?  I usually make as needed.  I suppose I'm afraid to make too much and then it not sell. (There's the self doubt part).
  • How much waste is ok?  I like to experiment, but hate wasting materials.
  • Pricing!  I've read and have asked about pricing.  I know how much I want for my work, but I always feel that I am over pricing. 
I also feel that I am lacking in the "chain" department.  I am never satisfied with my chains and the way they hang on the neck.  I usually wear a few of my pieces just to see first hand how it hangs.  I've noticed that my necklaces sometimes "travel".  I don't know why this is, especially since I have pretty large pendants hanging on my chain. 
Well, seeing that I am in one of my energized moods I'm off to my studio to create.  Have a nice day.

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