Friday, June 19, 2009

UVAs Swap

As an art teacher I felt there was something missing once we graduated from college. I felt it was important to reach out to other art teachers and help one another. From this UVAs was created. We are a group of female art teachers that meet about every 6 weeks. We get together and share issues with one another. We started with four members and now we are close to 20.
I also created something called an "Art Swap". I give them an art challenge, which we complete on our own. We then bring our "swaps" covered up and pick numbers. Everyone walks away with someone elses work of art. This month the art swap was based on the newspaper. Artists were to create a work of art based on a news article. The pictures are just a few of the works of art that were created by some of the art teachers. Their names are Dolores, Elisa,Virginia & Milly. To view more of our swaps you can do so by going to Next months swap is to find a chair and paint it in a creative way.

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